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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  March 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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going forward, hopefully he learns from this situation and i
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think he will. one day after gilbert arenas' sentencing on gun charges, ernie grunfeld saying there is place for him in washington. good is the, folks. i'm craig melvin. grunfeld talked to reporters tonight at verizon there. he says that the point he has no plan to -- >> craig, i'll tell you what this is news that a lot of people have been waiting to find out what's going to happen and the wizards willot void the remainder of gilbert arenas' six-year contract. had arenas gone to jail for his gun charge many had expected the wizards to attempt the final four years of that contract, worth $74 million. before the wizards tipped off tonight at home against utah, president ernie grunfeld made the wizards' intentions very clear. >> we're not going to void this contract. as i said all along he's going to be with us and i said that i think for the last two months. people sometimes tend to forget
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that he's still one of the best players in this league. he averaged 23 points and seven rebounds -- seven assists when he was with us and he's a dynamic player and he was just coming off an injury, so yeah we plan to have him back and we plan to have him in uniform next year. >> meanwhile, craig, you know arenas will report to a halfway house on monday morning to begin serving his 30-day sentence. and we'll have much more coming up on sports and as far as what his role will be, possibly, next year and how much the wizards plan to have him a part of their team. >> hopefully this is the dot on the "i" though, move on. >> makes it official, hey, we will not avoid his contract. he's with us, he's part of our ball club. >> come back to you in a few minutes. it's been a rough season of course for wizards fans. fans now saying they are relieved to hear that gilbert arenas will most likely be returning. darcy spencer live outside of the verizon center with more on what the wizards' faithful are thinking of today's announcent.
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darcy? >> reporter: this is good news for many fans tonight, but one fan told me that he thinks that arenas should be cut from the team. it appears gilbert areanas' future with the washington wizards is far from over. tonight the team president, ernie grunfeld, says arenas will be with the team next season. he will be in a wizards' uniform. >> that's great. i think my son, i think we're all looking forward to arenas -- he's a game-changer. again, he's the man here. he made a mistake. he's welcome back. i'm sure the fans will welcome him back. >> they definitely need him, that's for sure. losing like this, they're young. they need him. >> reporter: on friday gave arenas a suspended sentence in order to spend a month at a halfway house for bringing weapons into the locker room.
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now say the nba's contract will not be voided. >> i believe in second chances so i think that's what was given to him. that's part of life and hopefully he learned from his lesson. >> that's bad news because it kind of sends the wrong kind of message. think even though these contracted to play with them, they should probably renegotiate it and maybe trade him. >> reporter: tonight, the wizards add to a lengthy losing streak, 15 in a row, falling to the utah jazz. some say arenas' talents are desperately needed on the court. others say the team's problems are more than one player can fix. >> i think having him back, maybe they win, because they sure didn't tonight. but, you know, hopefully they will. >> i don't think he can make a difference right now. >> reporter: it's that bad. >> it's that bad. they need to rebuild the team. >> reporter: the team president says he does plan to meet with arenas. there's no word yet on when we'll see him back here at the verizon center. reporting live from northwest, darcy spencer, news4, back to you.
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>> darcy, thank you. folks, we're fmg breaking news right now in texas. former first lady barbara bush has been admitted to a houston-area hospital. a spokesman for former president bush says that she was admitted yesterday for some tests after complaining of not feeling well. this the second time mrs. bush has been admit to the hospital in the past two years. she underwent surgery for a perforated ulcer back in 2008. a spokesman say they anticipate mrs. bush will be released soon. sarah palin is back on the campaign trail but this time she's rallying tea partiers. palin was in nevada this afternoon where she told the crowd to fight against big government and the health care reform bill that was signed into law earlier this week. >> don't ever let anybody to tell you to sit down a, america. >> before attending the tea party rally, palin was in arizona campaigning with senator mccain. it was the first time the two have appeared in public since their defeat in 2008.
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on this palm sunday eve the vatican is once again responding to more sex abuse accusations. last night on italian television three deaf men said that two dozen priests abused the children at a school for the deaf over three decades. the three men who say they were also abused victims refused to shake the hand of a priest who was on stake acting as a spokesperson for the church. the italian conference of bishop his put together a task force to collect evidence. >> the question is now is, what did the vatican know, when did it know it, what did it do to stop this? the vaticans works very, very slowly in bureaucratic procedures so there is a possibility that things just, basically, were responded to very, very slowly. >> church officials in rome say they have mounted a very spirited defense pope benedict xvi against acquisitions that archbishop of munich he was involved to a transfer of a
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priest. they're upset about what they claim is a lack of access to sex education and reproductive resources on campus. the central issue? is over whether the university should cover birth control and other sexual health issues under their health plan. some students chain themselves to statues on campus and put duct tape over their mouths to view what theyeel is censorship by georgetown. the protest will continue tomorrow at noon. former virginia congressman stan pierce died today. the republican served six terms in congress beginning back in 1973. al ran for governor twice. he supported flood control projects and bridges. he also wrote the legislation to end television blackouts to sold out redskins football games before being elected to congress he served on the fairfax county board of supervisors. died of heart disease at his home in eastern virginia. he was 80 years old. still a head on this broadcast tonight a brutal beating involving two teenaged
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girls, however now, it's their mothers who are facing charges because of that cell phone video. we'll tell you about that. also, call it "avatar" effect. movie prices are skyrocketing as rates that we haven't seen in years. plus, lights out tonight all over washington, and all over the world. chuck bell, what you got, buddy? >> yeah, the light's on here in the weather office. the radar's on, too because i think that we'll need use it starting tomorrow. complete check of the 7-day forecast is coming up. [ bird calls ] oh, look! [ click ] hey, man, that's a keeper. [ bird calling ] oh, it's flying away.
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the prince george's cnty man who is mistakenly declared dead by two paramedics has now
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died. that's according to "the washington post." told "the post" that her father died tonight. he had complications from an infection. more than an hour after he was declared dead a forensics team saw signs of life. the actions of the two paramedics are now under review. a cell phone video captured two students fighting in indiana, but their parents are also in trouble. police in maryville, indiana, say the mothers of the two teenagers can be seen in that video that you're looking at right there, actually encouraging the fight. both women have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. the two teenagers are facing disorderly conduct charges in juvenile court. the price of a movie ticket is way up all over the country including here in the d.c. area. a potomac yards theater in alexandria they say their prices are up about $3 more than this weekend. one man told us it cost him 36
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bucks for just three ticket. price on ticket prices is being blamed on the recent 3-d craze. special effects in movies like "avatar" have created a huge surge in business for theaters. >> some of the largest year-over-year pricing increases in recent history. >> 3-d's drawing people to the theater. the theater chains know it and they're taking this opportunity. >> some movie theaters say they will make up for higher prices by charging less for matinees or shows during the week. after the break, a chilly start for the cherry blossom festival. we'll tell you when the best time's going to be to check out those cherry blossom. also, rain's heading our way. chuck's got that full forecast right after
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the lines formed early this morning for the nbc4 safe and community shred. we shredded those boxes and recycled them for free. the national cherry blossom festival is now in full swing. for nearly a hundred years, it's been a way to celebrate springtime here in d.c. it also honors the gift of roughly 3,000 cherry blossom trees sent from japan back in 1912. today, kids and adults got a chance to learn about japanese culture through arts and crafts and performances as well. traditional japanese clothing and designs were on display at the center stage there. organizers say -- organizers say that the festival will continue to evolve. >> we also have heard from a lot of people that they want some nighttime events so we have something called cherry blessed on april 2nd in adams/morgan, a
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wonderful contemporary art party. >> cherry blossom festival lasts through april 11th. the bloos blooms are expected to peak next week and you can go to for a full listing of cherry blossom festival events. i want to bring in chuck bell. earlier you said next weekend will probably be the best weekend to check out cherry blossoms, is that right. >> absolutely right and go to our website which is the weather section and i've always got a completed updated forecast for you and since we're in one of the busiest times for locals and visitors to get out and enjoy the beautiful flowers always have a mention of the best forecast and the best time to take a look at blossoms as well. outside on your saturday night, still a mostly clear sky overhead. a 91% full moon out there as well. it's going down at 5:17 in the morning. our current temperature's drifted back now to 42 after an afternoon high of 49 degrees today. dew points are steadily climbing up to 30 degrees thanks.
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a southwest ten miles per hour and no freeze in the month of march for the first time on record. our low this morning dropped down to 33. we've been 33 twice now this month but never 32 or lower. and that's the first time that's ever happened here in washington in the month of march at least as long we've been keeping weather records. 38 degrees in prince george's county right now. 38 degrees in montgomery county. 41 in fairfax. 41 in manassas. 42 in alexandria. and elkridge, maryland, made it up to 49 earlier today and now back down to clear sky 38 degrees. but look at the milder weather now across parts of the ohio valley down into tennessee, alabama, georgia, and mississippi, that's all part of the next weather change which is coming our way. you can see tt big spin in the atmosphere out there in southern missouri, northern arkansas right now. these high clouds arriving during the overnight hours
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tonight and then during the course of tomorrow. but as that low pressures pushes off to the east. gulf moisture and atlantic moisture as well. clouds will thicken throughout must day tomorrow. i think that most of the day will be dry but by 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow morning especially you folks out in the west shenandoah area and here in the washington area i know think that rain is looking more and more likely. heaviest rains between midnight and sunrise on monday morning and off and on showery weather on monday. by tuesday we could get two to perhaps three inches of rain around here and during the day on monday, can't even rule out an isolated rumbler o two or thunder. here's the 7-day forecast, 56 tomorrow with rain likely by late in the day especially by sunset. showery weather maybe a rumble thunder on monday. lingering showers on tuesday but tuesday afternoon is locking good, and craig, that's april
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the 1st and no fooling there. highs in the midsists and we might even be near 80s on friday and saturday. that's the pick the litter there. >> those blizzards seem so far gone now. >> yes. >> thanks, chuck bell coming up in sports, all hope not lost for area college basketball teams. the west virginia mountaineers are final four-bound. they beat
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bill gert arenas will be a wizard that's big news. >> that's big news and i think it's kind of -- a lot of people wanted to know it and now they know it and kind of move on. at the trade deadline last month wizards' president ernie grunfeld said gilbert arenas was "going to be with us" tonight those words became official. grunfeld said the wizards will not void arenas' contract. four years remaining on that
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contract and made it clear, gilbert arenas is still with us. >> gilbert is going to be part of this team. gilbert's on obviously an outstanding player and a lot of people really love the kind of things that he did and maybe some people that didn't. you know maybe he's going to have to win back that love of some the fans but hoots going to be up to him and you know in how he handles himself here going forward. >> all right there you have it. meanwhile on the floor, flip saunders and the wizards trying to snap a 14-game losing streak against the jazz. first quarter wizards keeping it close early. alonzo g. keeps the drive. nails the three-pointer. miller with 14. gives the wizards their final lead of the game. second quarter problems. earl boykins the little man dribbles just about aroundef. oh, no, c.j. miles picks off the pass. goes all the way for the left-handed dunk. jazz stretch their lead to ten. third quarter, more jazz. breaking down the wizards'
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defense. der ron williams, perfect pass to carlos boozer, he scored 22 points. jazz win big 103-87. the wizards have now lost 15 straight games and current wizards owner irene poland certainly not pleased about that. in the ncaa -- >> ncaa? >> let me start that over again. in the ncaa tournament or the ncaa tournament, however you want to say, it butler is homeward-bound but they're not done yet. upset kansas state en route to the school's first of her final four. our neighbors from west virginia will be joining butler in indy. the mighty mountaineers are back in the final four for the first in 51 years after chopping down number one seed kentucky. start up in new york. and west virginia's bob huggins against his longtime buddy john calipari. missoula's trying to score but denied by patrick patterson. big blue going the other way. talented freshman john wall drives. gets it to go plus he's fouled.
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walsh finished with 19 points. later in the half mountaineers up by one. west virginia works it to deshawn butler, he's so good. raised it up for three. count it. don't want to foul a three-point shooter and plus the foul. four-point play. he had 18 points. second half mountaineers pull away nifty pass by butler. missoula added 17 points. west virginia wins it 73-66, punching its ticket to the final four first time in since 1959. >> we've kind of rallied against each other, you know, in the locker room. and that's -- these guys have kind of been on a mission to, you know i talked to them about trying to be special. and, you know, if we can somehow find a way to win a couple more, thatould be really special. >> hey, bork it's okay to be excited. it's all right. let's go to salt lake city, brad stevens in butler against number
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two kansas state. butler in transition. gordian hayward drives and duchks. butler giving k-state all they could handle. later in the half, bulldogs up by nine. you're still laughing about bob huggins. watch the bottom of your screen. kansas state's jacob, this will entertain you. gets it ahead to dennis clemente. straight to the bucket for two of his 18 points. halftime just over a minute to play, butler in front by four. the bulldogs hustling. sheldon mack saves the fall. matt howard passes to gordon hayward and he just takes it over. i will get this tough layup to go. butler knocks off kansas state. 24 straight wins for the bulldogs. they advance to the final four for the first time in school history. good for them. d.c. united kick off its season tonight on the road against kansas state. a big game for d.c. united coach renolpho against his former employer. fired last season by the kansas
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city wizards. hoping for a good start with his new ball club. didn't happen. stephanie service a long ball to ryan smith. holds three united defenders and beats troy perkins with his left boot. wizards lead 2-nil. center perkins, stops the initial stop but ryan smith, there on the rebound. perkins couldn't do much about that. and he's, like, dude, where's the help? kansas shut out d.c. united 4-nil. black and red play their home opener next saturday. >> at least picked up a win tonight. >> there you go. fortunately had to come at the hands of the d.c. united guys but season starts tonight. they'll come back strong. i'm faithful d.c. united's fallen. they say they will come back. >> ncaa? >> ncaa my friend. i'm trying to speak too fast. >> that's all that we've got time for tonight, folks. we leave you with the lights going out for earth hour. not just here in the d.c. area,
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but around the world. we'll see you back here tomorrow. until then that's the news. good night. ♪
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the following is an nbc special event, the presidential state of the union address.


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